1. Use a wall outlet + the Joey cable + your smartphone charge cube
  2. First charge(s) will take a little longer than normal (because it's awakening from a ‘hibernate’ mode). Plug the unit into a wall outlet. After 2-10 minutes the unit will show a blinking green light. The internal computer has booted up and it is now charging. Be patient; it (rarely) can take up to 30 minutes to start flashing.
  3. Once you've been using it, the Joey unit will take 3-4 hours for a full charge (depending on your wall cube and cable).
  4. The LED lights will light up one by one as the battery fills. All three LED lights will go on "Solid" when it's full.

Do try ‘Pass Thru Power’ — It's the best way to charge, and it's our favorite Joey feature:

  1. Plug the Joey into a wall outlet.
  2. Plug your phone into the Joey.
  3. Leave overnight; the internal computer will charge everything by morning!

Joey T35 Portable Charger

Stay charged on-the-go with this must-have accessory!
The Joey comes standard with the Hie Diaper Bag and features a lithium polymer battery for high-speed charging of phones and electronics. Compatible with any device that can be charged via USB, the Joey offers up to 2.5 full recharges on most standard devices.

The Joey power supply is a completely unique, and patented, design that separates the battery from the computer electronics that control charging. This provides much more convenient access to power for you, and it keeps you from breaking USB ports — you just plug into the small LED Console section conveniently located in your Hie bag.

High-quality computer electronics run efficiently… without getting hot the way other battery systems do. Separating the battery in its own sturdy enclosure also means the Joey unit lasts years longer than other battery systems.

Easy and convenient, the Joey unit's internal computer automatically dual-charges your phone and the Hie Diaper Bag simultaneously, overnight, while you sleep! Draw power for your smart phone (or other devices) as you need it and recharge the Hie Diaper Bag every 1-2 weeks. The Hie Diaper Bag will also store an unused charge for many months, so it’s there when you need it.

Dimensions: 4.5”x 2.8” x 6”.
Weight: 5.5 oz

Your Hie Diaper Bag with Joey power is the ideal everyday and travel companion. Just like your smart phone, Joey units are small electronic devices which are allowed in carry-on bags for airline travel. These small electronics are understood to be travel necessities, and carry-on bags are the right place for them. Joey units use components similar to smart phone components and are designed to allow TSA security scans to see through the unit to confirm it meets the standards. This makes domestic and global travel with Hie Diaper Bags with Joey power easy.

Some customers have asked about checked-bag rules, which are different than carry-on bag rules. As a policy, the Joey company does not allow its units to be built into checked-bags. This is in part because the Joey units are design-optimized for carry-on and smaller bags and also to be in alignment with foreign checked-bag rules. We have been pleased to see the US airlines begin to adopt the international standard, as this will make travel rules more uniform.

If you don't already know, checked bags are treated differently than carry-ons. Airlines discourage electronics such as laptops, smart phones, and tablets in checked bags. Likewise, they often do not allow spare batteries or battery systems in checked bags. Future scanning technology may one day phase out this checked-bag rule, but until then the Joey company plans to keep its policy of only allowing Joey units to be built into carry-on and smaller bags.

As you use the Joey unit you'll come to appreciate how it rescues you, helps you get through the day and home again or to your hotel if your on a trip. Designed to be extremely light so it doesn't weigh you down, this type of device is considered a "bridging charger" to get you to where you'll spend the night. You'll quickly learn how experienced user's "sip" on the Joey unit, like you sip on a coffee, taking just what you need to get you through the rest of your day. By "sipping" like this the Joey unit can carry you through your workweek or through multiple days of a trip. When you arrive at your destination for the evening, use the amazing "Pass Thru" feature: Plug your phone into Joey and Joey into a wall outlet and let the computer in Joey charge everything overnight.

Unlike any other system we know of, the Joey unit will also help to protect your phone in extreme summer heat and winter cold. For example the computerized charge system will automatically go into a temporary sleep mode if it is left behind in an extremely hot, or extremely cold car. When normal temperatures return, such as when the air conditioner or heater comes on in the car, the unit will automatically wake up and return to its charging work.

Though not typically used this way, if you need a "full charge" comparison: Good quality units, like Joey, in this class of 3,500 mA, will typically provide most of a full charge on standard sized new phones and up to two charges on older, smaller phones. In actual use, we think of the Joey unit as adding up to 13 hours talk time (depending on your phone size and type).